Ms. Bridgé Loves Pencil Me in Cosmetics

Linda Eisner is the founder of Pencil Me In Cosmetics.

Linda has over 30 years’ experience designing, developing & creating cosmetics to meet the specifications and requirements of her private label customers. She has secured her place as an industry expert, not only in cosmetic pencils but also in how to private label manufactured cosmetics. In November of 2007, Linda decided to create, Pencil Me In. Eisner said “For me the perfect pencil is not yet available”. She wanted to develop healthy eyeliner pencils in a variety of great colors. There was a need for a natural 'green' cosmetic pencil so she asked her factory to create a formula that would meet her ingredient requirements. Linda wanted her pencils to have the perfect consistency, payoff, and long lasting wear-ability made with healthy ingredients. She is very passionate about pencils and took her time to develop the formula. Linda’s philosophy is to offer a quality product at a mass market price to benefit the consumer. Continue

Why Ms. Bridgé's wears Euro Capellis Hair

Euro Capelli Hair Extensions is the leader in the field of

import of 100 % Natural Indian Remy Hair in USA. EURO CAPELLI has chosen to use only and exclusively pure Indian hair since its characteristics and structural properties perfectly complement European, Latin and Afro-American hair.

Euro Capelli is a company with a different concept in the market of hair extensions. It was created by and for the demands of professional stylist who needs the support of a company that can deliver excellence and quality in hair extensions. Euro Capelli offers a variety of natural Indian Remy hair extensions, providing 6 different measures long, various colors at the same price (from black to the most Blond) and an excellent application technique of the Flat system.

With this system of application, our extensions of excellent quality, with real keratin, a certified professional and with our exclusive hair extension remover, we guarantee a beautiful and natural extensions, and also that the client's natural hair will not suffer any damage when removing the hair extensions.

Let us guide you through this passionate world of hair extensions and enjoys knowing that we are here to bring you the best. In Euro Capelli you will find the solution for each event and celebration you need to. We also offer an exclusive line of products for and to take care of the hair extensions, which need special care to keep always beautiful and bright.

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