"N" Fashion. I Do It My Way!

From a very young age I've always liked things that are different.

Not that I wanted to stand out from the rest. I just liked what I called back then creating The Me . I later learned what I was doing was fashion designing. I would take two shirts and design them together. I mixed and match colors that no one in their right mind would sport. I guess the stranger it looked the more I loved it.

In high shcool I took a sewing class and that was all she wrote. I was designing my butt off. I never had to worry that someone else would come down the hall with my outfit on.

I'm not saying every thing I wore I designed. I loved to shop off the rack then and now.

I will never forget the day I was watching Young and the Restless. (I was in high school everyone watched the soaps back then) :) One of the actresses was wearing a pants suit I had in my closet. I couldn't believe it. For me this was a plus and a minus. It was flattering that I had the same outfit but it did also mean I had to do some serious The Me designing. LOL

I shop from Neiman Marcus to Ross. When I see something I like I buy it. I don't care who designed it. If I think I can rock it, it's mine.

Now don't get me wrong I love shopping but I consider myself a smart shopper. I look for all the best deals.

My favorite online shopping for clothes is Neiman Marcus and Newport News. How I ended up with over 300 pairs of shoes. I shop Nordstorm online sales.

My favorite fashion designer is Hermione Couture :)

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* $105 Sale Price $80
Black lace top Size medium - Skirt Stuba Material Size medium

Get in Style the Hermione Way! - (Select photo to buy)

* $105 Sale Price $80
Pink lace top Size small - Skirt Stuba Material Size small

Get in Style the Hermione Way! - (Select photo to buy)

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Dress Size 2-4 - Sequins Top - Bottom Stuba Material - Leather straps

Get in Style the Hermione Way! - (Select 1st photo to buy)

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